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The herd sires used at Farmer Cattle Company have several things in common... they all promote the Maternal Efficiency traits we have been breeding for. These efficiency traits are fertility, calving ease, natural thickness, fleshing ability on forage, superior udder quality and predictable performance. We also use an extensive artificial insemination program in our herd.

FCC Great Plains 5693 "Charlie"

Reg. # 15252917

Our senior herd sire. "Charlie" is the prototypical EXT x 6807 breeding bull. He sires an incredible combination of growth, body length and volume, udder quality, and structural soundness. We fully expect his daughters to last longer than any other sire group in our herd. His dam (pictured) is one of our donor cows, and transmits power, muscle, and udder quality to her offspring every time. If there is a better Great Plains son out there, we have not found him yet.

Three Year Old

Charlie Daughter

T C PRIORITY 23Y "Jordan"

Reg. # 17185528

Our new 2 year old herd sire, "Jordan". It is hard to get an Angus sire to be this stout and still be very maternal. This bull has maternal legends like OCC Eureka 865E and OCC Dixie Erica 907C (OCC Great Plains full sister) in his pedigree. This bull also has legendary power house TC Stockman 365 in his blood. We like this genetic combination to produce great looking cattle with power and performance. Watch his video and discover his ruggedness. He is an easy moving tank with big testicles.

2 year old picture

3 year old picture

                                                                           T C PRIORITY 23Y "Jordan"

                                                                           OCC Priority 882P X T C Erica 28P

T C Kyle 8W

(OCC Kyle 899K X T C Erica 4S)

Reg: AAA 16467074

Farmers For Your Eyes Only 74

(OCC Homer 650H x "310")

Reg. # 15982491

Our junior herd sire. He is the ultimate calving ease sire. Our first-calf heifers spit his calves out with very little effort. He combines calving ease with unbelievable quality. His irreplaceable dam is a powerfully and elegantly designed "310" daughter. She has a perfect udder and excellent ultrasound data. 

If you are looking for calving ease, fleshing ability, and body mass in an extremely attractive package, look no further than Farmers For Your Eyes Only 74.

BAR WICK Eureka 943 310

(OCC Eureka 865E x OCC Dixie Erica 943D)

Unmatched Phenotype and Maternal Efficiency best describe “310”. We have never found a bull that stamps his offspring with such quality and consistency. His ability to pass on style, power, and udder quality is unprecedented. The majority of our registered cowherd are “310” daughters. Currently owned by Nix Farms, Tolar, TX.

OCC Kyle 899K

(OCC Emblazon 854E x OCC Blackbird 837H)

Reg. # 13897618

A unique sire for combined low birth weight/calving ease and super stoutness. His progeny are born small and excel in performance on grass-based programs. His daughters are extremely easy fleshing, huge bodied, good uddered, and are great mothers. His sons are consistently masculine, thick, structurally sound and calve with ease.